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 The Theremin which was developed by Russian engineer Lev Theremin in the early part of the last century was the very first electronic musical instrument ever developed. It also has the unique property of being the only musical instrument ever designed that the player does not physically touch in order to play. There are no valves or keys, no frets or strings attached. Instead there are two aerials, one for pitch, one for volume. The player uses their hands to manipulate electrical fields around the aerials to control the pitch and volume. A person playing the theremin quite literally looks as though they are pulling the "MUSIC FROM THE ETHER".

 True theremin enthusiasts agree that nothing replicates the timbrel sound quality of the original theremin like a tube burner. This is because vacuum tubes theoretically operate with better linearity than do transistors and other solid state devices. Tube afficianatos also believe that vacuum tubes also deliver a much richer, warmer sound than do their solid state counterparts. "The ear knows what it likes, and what it likes is what vacuum tubes deliver." At Music From The Ether we build high quality RCA Style "look alike" theremins with "modernized" tube circuitry. We also offer a less expensive ready to play solid state (transistorized) instrument for those who really wish to own a theremin but don't have the resources to invest in a replica RCA style tube burner.

 This Site is not about the history of Leon (Lev) Theremin, his instruments or the evolution and history of the original RCA Model AR-1264 Theremin which was produced in 1929. There is already plenty of information on the internet regarding these subjects and in the Theremin Links at the left so we see no need to repeat it all again here. What this site focuses on is providing Theremin enthusiasts with ready to play instruments housed in a beautifully hand crafted solid mahogany RCA style reproduction cabinet and to supply hobbyists and home builders who wish to "Roll Their Own" tube theremin with high quality pre-fabricated parts, assemblies and components that may be beyond the fabrication capabilities of the average home shop.

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